Air Conditioning and Ventilation

Trading and Engineering Company SA Climate (Klimat-ua) is engaged in the design, supply, installation, service, warranty and post-warranty service of systems of Ventilation and air Conditioning since 2001.

  • our portfolio more than 300 completed projects;
  • system is premises: from the cottages and cafes to shopping centres and industrial facilities;
  • We work only in their field of expertise and equally effective as in conjunction with the main contractor civil works and the owners of the premises, buildings and structures directly;
  • We practice project-based approach to management of works: for each task formed a group of specialists headed by a Manager who communicates with customers.

Designation systems

Modern Conditioning and Ventilation systems to successfully deal with lots of useful features:

  • In the Home provides a comfortable and healthy microclimate;
  • At the industrial enterprises create optimal conditions for the production process;

  • In areas with a large number of technical equipment (e.g. server rooms), they contribute to efficient operation of such equipment; 

  • In many modern offices help fight colds and allergic diseases, because, Employees of such institutions are unable to adequately perform their duties, if the room is not efficient air conditioning, ventilation and heating.

air conditioning System

Given the deteriorating state of the environment, clean indoor air is one of the most important issues. In addition, air quality is of great importance in medicine (for example, in operating theatres and maternity boxes), in the manufacture of electronics and other high-tech industries.

Exhaust, supply, recirculation setting any model will significantly increase productivity at the facility due to the pleasant climate and constant supply of fresh and purified from harmful impurities the air. Here are the main benefits that can give you good ventilation.

Air conditioning

the Simplest option of air-Conditioning — is the use of window or portable conditioner. Much more convenient and efficient to use are the split system, presented in a rich variety. 

Room air conditioning
Ventilation and air conditioning can also be implemented effectively using multiblock multi-split systems, allowing you to create a microclimate for each individual room within the same premises.

as for production, commercial and storage facilities, quality HVAC of air is not only important aspect to further perfect the function, but also a reasonable course to take which is affordable and economic reasons.

Industrial konditsionirovanie

Air Filtration

Among the equipment that is modern Ventilation, it is necessary to choose the most effective solutions. For example, the supply system the supply of fresh air inside the premises served by subjecting it to preliminary filtering and cleaning from harmful impurities and micro-particles.

In turn, the extraction system used to remove contaminated air from the premises.

at the same time on particularly hazardous industries exhaust air is also cleaned, in order not to harm ecological environment near the object. Therefore, industrial Ventilation could significantly reduce the environmental pollution, if every business was equipped with high-quality ventilation.

the Main principle of our work — verified selection of optimal engineering solutions for the ratio “the purpose of the system/price system". The same effect can be achieved with different technical solutions and their cost.

We always remember that a satisfied Customer — this is our a regular Customer !

Our approach :
  • The Solution of complex problems
  • Work in different areas of Ukraine
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Agility
  • Long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation
  • Innovations and advanced technologies

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