In the home most commonly used wall split-system, but in commercial and industrial buildings, and in country mansions and luxury apartments (townhouses, penthouses, etc.) used channel and multi-zone industrial air conditioning system and ventilation.

air Conditioning - automatic maintenance indoors all or some of the air parameters (temperature, relative humidity, cleanliness, speed of movement) to ensure optimal mainly meteorological conditions most favorable for the well-being of people, conduct process, the preservation of values.

today, the company Climate-ua provides mounting systems conditioning of the following types:

  • Monobloc, split and multi split systems - generally for cooling apartments, small offices;
  • Precision air – accurately maintains temperature and humidity important technology areas (e.g. server, operating);
  • Cabinet air conditioners for hour maintaining the temperature at work;
  • Central air conditioners for cooking, and centralized supply systems duct humidified and cooled air;
  • the System chiller-fan coil units – the most common time and composed of a cooling machine (chiller), piping and terminal units-air conditioners (fan coils). The cooling medium is water, glycol, a mixture of water and glycol;
  • Systems VRV and VRF air conditioning system – intelligent systems multi-zone air-conditioning, where a single outdoor unit through a network of copper piping connects a large number of indoor units. The cooling medium-the refrigerant.
All the steps for the installation of air conditioning run efficiently and on time. The specialists of the Climate-ua can perform the installation, commissioning and maintenance of air conditioning systems of any complexity. There warranty period, maintenance is performed during which service operations are aggregates, check their performance, as well as replacement parts and fasteners if necessary.

Our approach :
  • The Solution of complex problems
  • Work in different areas of Ukraine
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Agility
  • Long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation
  • Innovations and advanced technologies

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