Alternative heating is called heating the house by using the so-called alternative energy sources, which primarily relates internal energy of planet Earth. To date, the most versatile alternative to Central heating, gas and electric boilers  — this heat pumps. The principle of operation of all devices of this one type: transfer of thermal energy from low-potential source in the house. Simply put, the pump absorbs heat from a cold object and gives it to hot.

Heat pumps are classified depending on type of heat energy, used for their work. In this regard, distinguish:
  • Geothermal pumps, vertical and horizontal, using the heat from underground water. In this case, the heat transfer follows the scheme ’s water-water"
  • Water, using the heat from lakes, rivers and seas.  In this case, the heat transfer also follows the scheme ’s water-water"
  • Air using warm air masses. Heat transfer follows the scheme «air-water", "air-air"
  • Ground using the thermal energy of the soil. Heat transfer follows the scheme "soil water"
the Company Climate-ua offers the most effective in our region and simple to operate air source heat pumps "air to water" and "air-air".


Alternative heating based on heat pump has a number of advantages:

  • It is safe for environment and man. With it you can be sure that the house is not the threat of fire from faulty equipment,  in the room not received flue gases and the environment will not suffer from carbon dioxide
  • Heat pump allows you to get cheap thermal energy
  • It can change modes and to be used in summer for air conditioning
  • reliable and durable
  • Heat pumps "air-water" is a renewable energy, unlike heating systems on fossil fuels and inefficient heaters
  • Now they are considered as the ideal way of heating and hot water supply of residential premises.
  • Heating using gas, oil or electricity increases the emissions
    carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. In addition, these traditional ways of heating
    efficient than a heat pump, and their operating costs are higher.
  • Heat pumps (air) are extremely efficient and use air as a source
    low-grade thermal energy. This uniform system heats the room up to
    desired temperature, supply hot water for domestic use, and even cool
    the air in the hot season.
  • the Heat pump can heat water for heating and domestic hot water in two
    independent temperature modes.
  • Inverter drive with intelligent control allows to achieve
    exceptional efficiency and energy saving(A+++). Consuming 1 kW electrical energy from the network, the pump produces 4.5 kW of useful energy for heating, and heating water.

No accident in the developed countries, such as Japan and Germany it is the use of heat pumps is considered the most promising direction in alternative heating.

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