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1. Ukraine, Zaporozhye, the Bay street Curve, 2
Tel.: (067) 290-67-67 , (066) 205-64-50

2. Ukraine, Kyiv, Velyka Vasylkivska street, 72, business centre "Olympic"
Tel.: (067) 290-67-67 , (066) 205-64-50

3. Ukraine, Mariupol, Lenin Avenue, 110 and

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air recovery

Air Conditioning and Ventilation equipment.

The Company Klimat-ua carries out the delivery of ventilation equipment: fans, air conditioning units and air handling units, artificial systems for cooling, heating and air treatment, components. 

And a comprehensive the air conditioner system chiller-fan-coil water-cooled and air-cooled condenser, condensing units, and air curtain with a wide range of performance and dimensions.

We supply equipment from leading European manufacturers and well-established Ukrainian producers.

Our partners are the best manufacturers of HVAC equipment: SystemAir (Sweden), Soler&Palau (Spain), Rosenberg (Germany), østberg (Germany), Lessar (Latvia), VTS (Poland), Cooper&Hunter (USA), Korf (Germany), Ruck (Germany), AeroStar (Ukraine), Vents (Ukraine), Veza (Ukraine), Frapol (Poland), Mitsubishi Electric (Japan), Hitachi (Japan) and many others.

All equipment are warranted from 1 to 5 years depending on the manufacturer.

To clarify any information You can by tel : (067) 290-67-67 or (066) 205-64-50

Our approach :
  • The Solution of complex problems
  • Work in different areas of Ukraine
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Agility
  • Long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation
  • Innovations and advanced technologies

Address: 1. Ukraine, Zaporozhye region, Zaporozhye, St. the Curve of the Bay, 2

2. Ukraine, Kyiv region, Kyiv, Velyka Vasylkivska street, 72, business centre "Olympic"

2. Ukraine, Donetsk region, Mariupol, Lenin Avenue, 110A

(067) 290-67-67
(066) 205-64-50
daily from 900 to 2000