The first electric fan

for the First time the need for Ventilation in living spaces appeared in Ancient Egypt.

the Egyptians appreciated the importance of ventilation air from dust and odors when they observed that stone carvers working indoors, often suffered  respiratory diseases than those who worked on the air.

as a result began to build the first industrial premises in which the walls do not interfere with air circulation.

The era of modern ventilation systems was founded by Nicola Tesla in 1882 – he invented the first electric fan

Well, first built-in wall fan was invented by Leonardo Da Vinci. It was intended to ventilate the bedroom the wife of the great inventor of the time.

the perpetual motor

the First two models are driven by the rolling balls, the third is made of sticks, on the ends of which are suspended loads.

He also described the complex mechanisms with mercury filled cavities.

In the German Museum in Munich has a reconstruction of his car. Leonardo explored different models of perpetual motion, but it turned out that none of them why – that did not work. But he continued working, believing in the idea of perpetual motion. However, numerous failed attempts to get a working model forced Leonardo to stop and try to find the cause of the failures. The difficulty of solving this problem consisted in the fact that in the 15th century did not exist concepts such as work and energy. The law of conservation of energy also has not yet been known but brilliant inventor has come very close to his idea. He wrote: “the Falling water can lift the same amount of water… but we must take into account friction losses”. In the end, Leonardo came to the conclusion about impossibility of implementation of the continuous movement in the schemes of any type.

First time industrial system ventilation was implemented in 1832 Alexander Sablukov for ventilation of Tsagerskogo mine in the Altai. It was a centrifugal fan for ventilation of the holds of ships, drying, evaporation.  Ventilation with a mechanical impulse of air movement, active in the beginning used in production since the late nineteenth century.

In our time, the Ventilation is intelligently arranged system, which is able to create a comfortable environment for living and to have a positive impact on health

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