Features of design of air conditioning systems

the Design of air conditioning systems – the plan development process of installation of special equipment, which allows to regulate temperature, humidity and other characteristics of the air in the room.

Why design?

the Project – an accurate plan, which will be performed works on installation of air-conditioning system. Design of air conditioning requires precision calculations, the professionalism of the specialist. The plan allows you to accurately consider the amount of necessary Finance and other resources, the time. Experts «Climate SA" work under the contract, which allows to precisely outline the terms of work – meeting deadlines is guaranteed by the company.

the Correct calculation of air-conditioning is performed based on the technical features of the structure and standards that specify requirements to the conditions of work in certain areas.

What principles guided the company's employees a Climate of SA during the design?

        1) Accurate calculation of the heat balance. The principle is implemented by means of standard techniques. When calculating take into account all the factors that can influence the composition of air, its temperature and humidity level. Accurate heat balance can be calculated, knowing the sources of heat loads – internal and external.
        2) The choice of equipment that is suitable in all respects. For this you need to know health requirements – the level of humidity, temperature, air composition. Design of air conditioning systems must be correlated with technical and architectural features of the building. Performance requirements are put forward to the ease of use of the equipment. An important principle is the conformity of the plan to the financial possibilities of the customer.

        3) At the moment the development of drawings provide technical rationale for the selection of equipment and drawing up working plan. Design of air conditioning requires precision of calculations – the experts of Climate-ua guarantee precise work for which you made a quality installation.

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