The Company Climate-ua recommends the timely service of systems of ventilation and conditioning, which will ensure continuity of equipment throughout lifetime. 

1. Service of conditioners

cleaning of indoor unit:

  • Washing of filters
  • Treatment of evaporator (internal exchanger)
  • cleaning of the fan
  • cleaning of drainage systems
      • drain drip tray
      • drain hose
      • drain pump

cleaning the outdoor unit of a split system:

  • dry clean
  • wash with water under high pressure (Karcher)
  • wash with disassembling

2. Maintenance of air conditioning systems, refrigeration machines, industrial and semi-industrial equipment for air conditioning.

Refrigeration machines, like any complex and expensive equipment, requires constant monitoring and maintenance.  the Cost of replacement of a refrigerating machine in hundreds times exceeds cost of service.  

Regulation service maintenance refrigeration machines:

 Inspection status of equipment on the  subject:

1.     the presence of mechanical damage

2.      test fixtures, health protections

3.     check oil level in the compressor

4.     determine the points of leakage of coolant, oil,

5.     determine the high vibration of fans, compressors

6.     surface cleanliness of the condenser coils

7.     checking the temperature of the cooled fluid at the outlet

8.     control of pressure and temperature on the absorption

9.     control of pressure and temperature on injection

10.   the control oil pressure

11.   checking the basic setting of the controller

12.   check operation of heating Carter



1.     the operation mode of the refrigeration machine (superheat, subcooling, the amount of freon)

2.     microprocessor at factory and installation options

3.     work on-off and control valves.

4.     the operation of electric motors of compressors and fans on loads and currents on the power wires

5.     devices

6.     oil acidity

7.     sensors of temperature and pressure

8.     check supply voltage

9.     test the solenoid valves of the compressor and refrigerant lines


Adjustment, adjustment, refueling

1.     find and fix freon leaks

2.     broaching contacts electric connections

3.     verification and calibration of temperature sensors and pressure

4.     check & adjustment  working flow switch

5.     test operation of power switching equipment

6.     exchanger cleaning by mechanical or chemical means

7.     refrigerant charge (if necessary)



1.     periodic examination of the elements of the fan coil

2.     control the air temperature at the inlet

3.     control the air temperature at the outlet of the fan coil

4.     the check of absence of leak of coolant from connections

5.     inspection of insulation for damage

6.     cleaning the filter

7.     control voltage power supply

8.     control the current consumption of fan motor

9.     check for the absence of air in the coil (discharge air)

10.    cleaning of the heat exchanger

11.    rinse the sump and drain lines

12.    cleaning the drain pump and water level sensor

3. Maintenance and repair of ventilation systems 

Ventilation equipment during his work accumulates, but rather, accumulates dust, oil, soot and other pollution. In addition, to prevent malfunctions, you should regularly check the state of the system, to maintain it. Therefore, needed full maintenance ventilation. the Company Climate-ua performs such work constantly, leaving the most different objects. With all of our clients is a contract for maintenance of ventilation, which clearly defines the timing, cost and frequency of works.

What is the cost of maintenance of ventilation? Is determined individually, depending on the size and complexity of the works, as well as in what periods will be the maintenance of the system.

how Much time will it take? Not so much – one the specialist takes, on-average, 12 hours. But it is a necessary time by spending You considerably extend the lifetime of the ventilation system, and over time, maintenance will leave less and less time.

List of works on servicing of ventilation. the
  • Check the filter parts (and replacing them if needed);
  • inspection of the grilles the grilles and diffusers (cleaning if needed);
  • Cleaning the impeller and check its balance;
  • Checking bearings of engines, lubrication;
  • Check electricians;
  • Test automation and regulation;
  • Measurements of pressure and temperature of air in the system;
  • Check fire dampers.

Cleaning and disinfection of ventilation systems.

Our the company provides cleaning and disinfection of ventilation systems, including ductwork. We clear of: dust, soot, grease, contaminants combined. Cleaning services for included in the package service maintenance of ventilation.

Repair of ventilation systems

How to recognize and clear the fault? How to determine that the ventilation is defective? First, by mist, by dust in the air, unpleasant odors in the room. Secondly, on your well-being: increased fatigue, dizziness, breathing problems, impaired immunity, etc., Call a specialist company Climate-ua, he will repair the ventilation, will eliminate breakage and will replace faulty equipment, perform a diagnosis of the entire system.

Our approach :
  • The Solution of complex problems
  • Work in different areas of Ukraine
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Agility
  • Long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation
  • Innovations and advanced technologies

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