Ventilation in the room - take care of health !

Without oxygen would not have survived a single person in the world. Air people need every second. Oxygen is the basis of life.

what we breathe in the air of course plays a role. Depending on a variety of reasons, the composition of air contains many harmful impurities (exhaust gases of vehicles, building materials, plants...). All these harmful substances tend to accumulate in the room.

For cleaning air to be used modern Ventilation. By the way, scientists have proven that high-quality Ventilation in the room contributes to the reduction of cases of various diseases.As the contaminated oxygen always causes the manifestation of the disease.

Ventilation in Ukraine

Now sufficient attention for the Ventilation systems in the new building project. The cost of installing modern high-quality ventilation systems come in a considerable amount, but this spending is an investment in health, working capability of employees and comfort for clients, not a cost.

In most educational institutions of the Ventilation system are already outdated. Therefore they must be periodically inspected, cleaned and upgraded. And then a viral infection present in the air will not adhere to mucous students, and will be killed by the ventilation system.

Setting Ventilation is important and in factories. A large quantity of dangerous and harmful substances emitted during production. Because large enterprises are simply vital installation of Industrial Ventilation.

Company air conditioning SA (Klimat-UA) offers comprehensive engineering solutions in Ventilation, air Conditioning and Heating with the most modern technologies.

We are confident that we can offer the terms and format of cooperation, which will interest You!

If You have any questions, You can contact our specialist by phone: (067) 290-67-67 or (050) 801-42-21 , klimat-ua@mail.ru  

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