Body conditioning

System CoolWare Personal Cooling System. It is designed to help people to move weather anomalies associated with high temperature, even if the user is outside of air conditioning.

ventilation Zaporozhye

the New product was designed so that its owner not only felt a pleasant shiver throughout the body, but not look like an idiot when using it in public. Agree, go with the fan suspended from the neck, pretty stupid. Therefore, CoolWare Personal Cooling System has the shape of a necklace. But it's worth to notice that it the procedure looks like a collar.

so, the device is mounted on the neck. Inside the device is an electric fan that aims to refresh the user's body. In addition, cooling system involved a small container of water, containing about 60 g of liquid for cooling the aluminum plate of the gadget adjacent to the neck. Deposit capacity will have every two to four hours.

Personal fan provides ventilate the user. Coolness, as stated in in­ing to the device, should occur about five minutes after the CoolWare Personal Cooling System. It remains to add that it requires AA-battery.
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