History of air conditioning

The First trying conditioning of air were made in Persia thousands of years ago. Persian device of cooling air used the ability of water to cool by evaporation. It was a mine, catching a breath of wind, in which was placed a porous vessel containing water or leaked water from the source. The air in the mine was cooled and saturated with moisture and, then, fed into the room. The device was relatively effective for hot and dry climate, air conditioning could not work at high relative humidity.

ventilation in Odessa

India in the summer as the doors used a skeleton entwined Indian coconut tree — tatti. Top doors installed capacity, which was slowly filled with water due to capillary effect in the tissues tatti. When the water level reached a certain value, the container is overturned, irrigating water to the door, and returned to its original state. This cycle has been repeated many times, until the palm was left alive and gets plenty of light.

In 1820 British scientist and inventor Michael Faraday discovered that compressed and liquefied ammonia to cool the air by evaporation. But his ideas were largely theoretical.

Later, 1891 to new York was designed the First system of industrial air-conditioning the inventor of Alfred Wolff for the building of the new York Stock Exchange. She functioned at the expense of water vapor and electricity. This system in those days had unprecedented efficiency that performance was equivalent to the simultaneous melting of 300 tons of ice. The Creator took care of the external form of conditioning – a stream of cold filtered air passed through the ceiling ventilation through a beautiful openwork lattice.

But the way modern electrical air conditioning was invented by Willis Carrera about 1902 year. He also developed the first air conditioning system for the printing plant in Brooklyn (new York). In the summer, during the printing process, the constant change in temperature and humidity did not allow to achieve high-quality color reproduction. Carrier developed an apparatus, which cooled the air to a constant temperature and drained it to 55%. Their device he called “the apparatus for treating air". In 1915 year, he and six fellow engineers founded his own company «Garrier Engineering Co.", later renamed "Carrier". 

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Himself term air conditioning was first proposed by 1906 year Steward Kramer, which linked this concept with getting standard item.

Later expensive the air conditioning system started to be applied to improve productivity in the workplace. Then the scope of the conditioning was expanded to improve comfort in homes and cars. In 1950-ies in the United States observed the rise of sales of air conditioners for homes.

the First air conditioners and refrigerators used toxic gases such as ammonia and methyl chloride, which led to deadly accidents in case of leakage. In 1930s , for security reasons, the firm General electric has released a conditioner, condensing units, which were located on the outside of the building. It was split system.

First automotive air conditioning had a cooling capacity of 370 watts was created by C & C Kelvinator Co in the 1930 year and installed on a Cadillac.

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Thomas midgely Junior first proposed as a refrigerant use diperchlorate, named after freon in 1928 year. 

1980s , Toshiba has developed a new method of compressor control, which consists in changing the frequency of the current power supply compressor —inverter system.

In 1957 at the station is the air conditioning refill car fresh air.

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In Soviet apartments first air conditioning, only in 70 years.
Produced these air conditioning system Baku factory under the license of Japanese company Hitachi.
the air Conditioners were a matter of great pride.

Volumes of production of air conditioners in the USSR were small, about 300 thousand air conditioners.
Split systems were rare, mainly produced window air conditioners. Most of the output was exported.

the air Conditioners were a pretext for repression. In 1940 the USSR had closed the magazine "heating and ventilation".
formulated the Charge: "propaganda of bourgeois views in the technique". Harsh sentences were imposed immediately.

air conditioning in Mariupol  air conditioning in Mariupol

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